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The Scarred Heroes Series

 The Scarred Heroes Series features former military men using their skills to protect the innocent and to take out evil.  This fast-paced, suspenseful series will have you falling in love with these wounded heroes and the women they'll do anything for...  

Each book is a stand-alone story with a happily ever after!

dead reckoning (1).jpg

They call me Reaper.
Killing is what I do best.
Get in. Get out. Leave nothing but bodies behind.
So, it should be a simple favor for an old friend.
Kill the man responsible for an innocent woman being dragged into a human trafficking ring.
Added bonus? I get to wipe some scum off the Earth.
Only it turns out he’s just the tip of a huge iceberg of vile behavior.
Other women are trapped in the same sick, sticky web.
And I’ve followed a thread to New York.
Taking out the men at the top will be easy enough…
As long as the beautiful cop and her hot-headed partner don’t get in my way.
But they won’t seem to stay in their own lanes.
Nor will the feisty brunette get out of my head.
It’s the kind of distraction I can’t afford—no matter how good it feels to be buried inside her.
I’ll do whatever it takes to complete the mission.
Because it’s time for a reckoning.
The only question is: who will survive it?


off course ebook (1).jpg

They call me Chaos.
I bring it with me everywhere I go.
Leaving nothing but flames and rubble in my wake.
My skills have saved and taken more lives than I can count.
But they also destroyed the one good thing in my life.
I blew it up and rode away.
By the time I realized what I had done, she was long gone.
Nothing left but painful, tainted memories and regrets.
So, the last thing I expect when I answer the phone is to hear her voice again.
Shaky and terrified.
Begging for my help.
I never could deny her anything.
And now, she’s in trouble.
The kind only I can get her out of.
But I’ve been off course for so long, it might not be possible to get back on the right one.
Not before it’s too late to save what I already lost…

clean slate.jpg

They call me Mouth.
Because I was always running it.
But that was before...

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