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If you are a fan of the classic Shakespearean love story told in Romeo and Juliet, you will love this paranormal take on the tale.  Panther and cougar shifters, intrigue, and betrayal all weave together in this romantic suspense story that will leave you breathless and shock you with an ending you never saw coming. 

"If Shakespeare were writing contemporary romance today, this is what he'd write. This book gets extra points right away for being clever enough to reimagine the Romeo and Juliet story with modern-day panther/cougar shifters. But this book is so much more than that! It's a beautiful romance, true enough to the original to ignite more than a few "Aha!" and "I see what you did there" moments, yet it's still a unique love story with multi-layered characters, drama, history, and plenty of steamy action.  The love between Rome and Jules is exquisite - their realization is not only the path to their own personal happiness, but it's also the only way to save both their packs from a decades-old threat. This story drew me in from the very first scene and held me spellbound right up until the final word." - reviewer Viper

Fur Verona book cover

The greatest love story ever told…in the Florida Everglades.

When sinister things start happening on Montreux land, there’s only one potential suspect…the Capshaw pack.  Those slobbering, mangy cougar shifters are nothing but backstabbers and trouble makers.  And now, they’ve taken things too far by targeting my pack.  I’m willing to do anything to protect my family, even if it means taking on the Capshaws.  But when I see Jules Capshaw for the first time, all thoughts of revenge fly out the window.  Who would have thought my greatest enemy would be my fated mate?


Rome Montreux is up to something.  When he trespasses onto Capshaw land in the middle of the night, I know it’s with wicked intent.  There can’t possibly be another reason for a Montreux to be here. But when he reappears at my birthday party, it’s not hatred or mistrust brewing between us—it’s the lust of two mates.  The fact that he’s a panther and my sworn enemy doesn’t matter to my body.  And once we are mated, all bets are off.


But something evil is afoot in Verona Forest, and it has nothing to do with the twenty year Capshaw/Montreux feud.  There’s a bigger threat.  

Can we band together to face the real enemy, or will we let past hatred rule the present?

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