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If you love paranormal stories, you need to check out Gwyn's alter-ego, DP Payne, who is the author of The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Series.  These books are novella-length paranormal erotic romance and are meant to be short, fun reads that are over-the-top at times and always hot as hell.  

Parched book one (1).png

A wendigo controlled by a curse.  An insatiable mystery woman. One sexy, crazy ride.

Greed. For the last 4,000 years, it’s been my curse.  

Every day, I live with the repercussions of the terrible choices I made.

I thought I’d seen it all…then a black aura crosses my path.

The beautiful woman it belongs to sends my world into a tailspin.

She gets under my skin, hypnotizing me with her adventurous and kinky nature.  I almost forget I know nothing about her.

Thinking with the wrong head can certainly get a man in trouble, but in this case, it could mean an end worse than my curse.

Cursed book two.png

A cursed pharaoh.  A determined archaeologist. Three days to find true love.


The dank depths of the Egyptian ruins reveal something I’ve been searching for my entire adult life—the tomb of the mysterious pharaoh, Nebtawyre Mentuhotep IV.

And somehow, the sexy king steps from his sarcophagus very much alive.

Lust soon overpowers reason as I fall down the rabbit hole with Wyre.

He claims me completely—my mind, body, and soul.

We only have three days to break a 4,000-year-old curse placed on him by his crazy ex.

If we don’t, he’ll return to his tomb and take my heart with him.

Spirited book three.png

A haunted mansion.  A sexy ghost. A contractor determined to fix both.  


Buying and renovating the old plantation house seems like a great idea. The fact that it’s supposedly haunted by the spirit of a murdered prostitute is a minor oversight.

I don’t believe in that crap anyway.

But after a late-night rendezvous with a sexy spirit elicits a very real nocturnal emission from me, I have to rethink my belief in poltergeists…and love.

The intoxicating woman who has been trapped here for over a century casts a spell over me with her humor, courage, and passion.

I have to do something to free her from her ethereal prison.

But will my actions break her metaphysical chains, or will they release something darker into my new home?

Loched book four_small.jpg

A legend under the surface.  A woman obsessed. A destined love.

Returning to Loch Ness means coming home in more ways than one.

The monster exists.  I’ve seen him. Visions of the beast haunt my dreams and waking hours.  

I need to get back to the loch. To him.

When he rises from the water again, I watch him shift into a sexy Highlander right before my eyes, and everything I think I know evaporates.  

He’s so much more than I imagined.

A magical attraction between us leads down a path of ancient curses, family lore, and to an unmistakable love.

But will it be enough to keep him human, or will he return to the murky depths with my heart?

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