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The Crowned Hearts Series features dirty talking bad-boys and the women who own their hearts. Two royal tales filled with lust, love, betrayal, and hints of suspense.  

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Sex on the beach with a smoking hot stranger…
I blame the tequila.
And the way he rode the waves like he owned them.
And the delicious way the water trickled down over his washboard abs and the V thingy.
And the fact that I’m on the trip that was supposed to be my honeymoon until I caught the bastard cheating.
Yeah, I’m going to blame it on all that.
Because reckless behavior is so not usually me.
But surfer god Fyn is a breath of fresh air I so badly need.
A break from reality of the world around me.
One he seems to need, too.
It’s a single wild moment in my otherwise structured life that seems to be crumbling.
A perfect snapshot in time…
Until the royal guard shows up looking for him.
Turns out the king of the waves is actually a prince.
A real one next in line for the throne.
And I just banged him on the sand.
People say a one-night stand can be good for you, especially after a break-up.
I’m starting to question that advice.
Because finding my prince is only the beginning…
Things are about to get royally complicated.


Hate sex with the maid of honor at my best friend’s royal wedding…

I blame the vodka.

Or maybe it was seeing how damn good she looked in that dress.

The way it hugged every curve and accentuated her best assets.

I definitely won’t admit it might be because seeing the prince find his own princess means I’m going to be alone.

Something that has terrified me since being orphaned.

Grandmother is only family I have left in this world.

And losing myself in the woman who drives me absolutely mad was an easy escape from that reality.

Only now, when I fled to the one place I can find solitude to wallow in my misery…

She shows up.

And walks right in on me getting off to the memory of being inside her.

I didn’t think things could get any more complicated.

But I was wrong.

Too many things have been hidden and left unsaid.

Finding out the truth is only the beginning…

Things are about to get royally complicated.

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