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Royally Complicated is a steamy stand-alone forbidden romance about a dirty talking bad-boy prince and the commoner who falls in love with him.  

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Sex on the beach with a smoking hot stranger…
I blame the tequila.
And the way he rode the waves like he owned them.
And the delicious way the water trickled down over his washboard abs and the V thingy.
And the fact that I’m on the trip that was supposed to be my honeymoon until I caught the bastard cheating.
Yeah, I’m going to blame it on all that.
Because reckless behavior is so not usually me.
But surfer god Fyn is a breath of fresh air I so badly need.
A break from reality of the world around me.
One he seems to need, too.
It’s a single wild moment in my otherwise structured life that seems to be crumbling.
A perfect snapshot in time…
Until the royal guard shows up looking for him.
Turns out the king of the waves is actually a prince.
A real one next in line for the throne.
And I just banged him on the sand.
People say a one-night stand can be good for you, especially after a break-up.
I’m starting to question that advice.
Because finding my prince is only the beginning…
Things are about to get royally complicated.


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