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The Inland Sea Series

 The Inland Seas Series is fast-paced, gritty, and suspenseful.  It will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you heart racing as you fall in love with these tattooed bad boys of the water!

Squall Line EBook.jpg

Out on the water, I’m in control. 
I don’t make mistakes.  
But the fiery redhead destroyed my plans

and left me no choice.
I had to take her.
Now I’m fighting for my life while battling my growing attraction for my hostage.
Grace may have started my downfall, but she could also be my salvation. 

The moment he stepped foot on my ship,

I knew he was trouble.
He took me, and now, my life is in his hands.
But things aren’t what they seem, and

Warwick isn’t who he appears.
The man who holds me hostage is slowly working his way into my heart even as greater dangers loom on the horizon.


War and Grace. 
Dark and light.  
Love and hate. 

This storm may destroy them both...


Rogue Wave EBook.jpg

Complete the mission.
It’s what I was trained to do—no matter what.
But when things go to shit right in front of me, my objective gets compromised by a set

of fathomless amber eyes.
This isn’t a woman’s world.  
Yet, Valentina refuses to see how dangerous the course she’s plotted really is.
How dangerous I am.

The man who saved my life is just as lethal as the one trying to take it.  
Maybe even more.
While Cutter may have rescued me, in the end,

he is my enemy.  
The one intent on destroying everything

I’ve striven for.
But the scars of his past draw me closer even though I know I should move away. 

Cutter and Valentina. 
Anger and desire.
Fight and surrender.
This wave may drag them both under…

Safe Harbor EBook lightened.jpg


When it comes to firewalls, no one gets

through my defenses.
For the past five years, protecting this band of f-ed up brothers has been my mission. 
But Everly pulls me from my cave and does the one thing no one else ever has...
She makes me believe there’s a life outside

the world on my screens.
Too bad actions have consequences, ones that threaten everything and everyone around me.
Including the beautiful tattoo artist who has managed to etch herself onto my heart.


The emotional upheaval of the last six months would be enough to break anyone.
And I can already feel myself cracking.
A tall, sexy, tattooed bad boy is the last thing

I need thrown into the mix.
All I want is to keep my head down and

pour my pain into my art. 
But Preacher walks into my life and offers me safety in a world where I thought there was none.
Until our pasts finally catch up with us…

Preacher and Everly.
Fear and loss.
Hope and heartbreak.
This harbor may be their salvation.

Anchor Point EBook.jpg

Life outside the walls of my prison cell is far harder than the time I did inside.
There, I had my misery to keep me company.
Out here, I’m forced to face the reality of everything I’ve lost.
Nothing can repair the gaping hole in my chest.
Yet, a broken woman wrapped in chains threatens to unravel the tangle of excuses I use to keep everyone at arm’s length.
But letting Evangeline into my world means exposing her to the real threat.
And all the terrible things that come

along with that. 

To be sold to the highest bidder.
The monsters who stole me away from my life have no conscience.
I’m not so sure the man who rescues

me is any different.
He’s an ex-con and a pirate— not to be trusted.
But the dark veil of anguish that shrouds him can’t hide the truth of who he is at his core.
Elijah isn’t the enemy.
He may be broken and tormented…
And exactly what I need.


Elijah and Evangeline.
Agony and regret.
Faith and acceptance.
This anchor may pull them both down...


Dark tide EBook.jpg

There is no black and white in this life.
The line between right and wrong blurs.
I’m constantly crossing it.
Saving a life is just as easy as taking one.
And I’m damn good at both.
Finding a woman who can survive in this world was never on the radar.
But Gabriella pulls me from the bottom of a bottle and touches me in a way no one else can.
Too bad secrets and lies have a way of catching up with everyone.

How did I end up here, slinging drinks at a dive bar in the middle of nowhere?
The choices that brought me to this were never even a glimmer of possibility only a few years ago.
How things can change so fast…
And now, my path puts me on a collision course with Orion Gates. 
His bigger-than-life size and personality should be a warning.
The profession he’s chosen should be the ultimate final straw.
But instead, I find myself unable to resist his pull.
A decision that could lead to the end of all of us.


Rion and Gabriella.
Lust and lies.
Betrayal and ruin.
This tide may drown everyone…


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