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Lose your heart to a Dirty Pucking Player, a Fabulous Filthy Friend, and a Sinfully Shameless Chef in The Fury Family Series! These contemporary romances about the three Fury siblings are steamy, angsty, funny, and all have ! guaranteed happily ever afters!

Dirty Pucking Player - Gwyn Mcnamee - E-Cover.jpg

Only one word can describe

Sebastian “Bash” Fury…
He’s dirty hot.
A dirty talker.
And a dirty player.
On the ice, he truly earns his nickname.
He bashes opponents without regard for the rules or safety.
Which is precisely why I can’t have

him on my team.
As the first female head coach in the NHL, all eyes are on me, waiting for me to fail.
A man like Bash Fury is a liability who could ruin my career.
Even worse, he’ll destroy my willpower.
I should despise that cocky bastard.
But something about his swagger and quick smile make him irresistibly charming.
Despite my best efforts, things are heating up and the ice around my heart

is starting to melt…
All because of this dirty player.

Fabulous Filthy Friend - Gwyn Mcnamee - E-Cover.jpg

Only one word can describe the man who performs online as HRD4U…
He really knows how to work that massive asset on camera.
Couple that with the dirty talk he uses to describe his fantasies while he does it…
It’s enough to drive me mad while I watch.
Because just like my screenname says, INEEDSOMED. 
Too bad men like HRD4U don’t

exist in real life.
Apparently, finding a nice guy with a nasty mouth and a mammoth gift between the legs is asking too much. 
Instead, I just get snooze-inducing lovers and dates with no chemistry. 
Having my BFF Flynn McAllister right next door helps ease some of the pain of

breakup after breakup.
But he can’t know what I really want or why my relationships always fail. 
I just want to be dirty. 
But now, all my dreams might be coming true…
All because of my filthy friend.

Shameless Sinful Chef - Gwyn Mcnamee - E-Cover.jpg

Only one word can describe Chef Jameson Fury…
He parades around with that sexy smirk and those fabulous abs like he’s the king of the kitchen.
Of all the places he could choose to open his new restaurant, why does it have to be

right next door to mine?
It’s hard enough trying to get my place up and running without having him hovering around and disrupting my business.
Not to mention the way my body betrays me every time he’s close.
I should despise him.
But with every prank, every verbal jab, every act of sabotage we take against each other…
The tension growing between us inches closer to personal and away from professional.
Things are heating up, and not just in our kitchens…
All because of this shameless chef.



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