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THE FURY FAMILY IS HERE! All three books are now live!

Only one word can describe Sebastian “Bash” Fury...
He’s dirty hot. A dirty talker. And a dirty player.
On the ice, he truly earns his nickname.
He bashes opponents without regard for the

rules or safety.
Which is precisely why I can’t have him on my team.
As the first female head coach in the NHL, all eyes are on me, waiting for me to fail.
A man like Bash Fury is a liability who could

ruin my career.
Even worse, he’ll destroy my willpower.
I should despise that cocky bastard.
But something about his swagger and quick smile make him irresistibly charming.
Despite my best efforts, things are heating up and the ice around my heart is starting to melt....
All because of this dirty player.

Dirty Pucking Player is the first book in The Fury Family Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Gwyn Mcnamee. Grab this steamy, forbidden, enemies to lovers hockey romance about a hard-hitting, cocky player and the female coach who hates to love him.

Shameless Sinful Chef - Gwyn Mcnamee - E-Cover.jpg

What people are saying about best-selling author Gwyn McNamee and her romance novels...

"If I could rate this 10 stars I would and it still wouldn't be enough!" 

Dawn - Goodreads Review of Savage Collision

"This book made me laugh, cry and want to throw my kindle across the room. I loved it.  I think you will too. I highly recommend this book." 

Lynn Underwood - Alpha Loving Erotic Book Beauty Blog Review of Savage Collision

"I fell in love with Gwyn McNamee's writing style from page one.  Her writing style is smart, sure, fiery, quick-witted, sexy and sarcastic!" 

 Malia Summerfield - Goodreads Review of Savage Collision

"This book was adorable. It was funny, and sexy, and had just the right level of emotion."

E.H. Demeter - Goodreads Review of Dickslip


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