Gwyn takes a departure from hearts and flowers romance and down a darker alley with The Deadliest Sin Series.   This series revolves around organized crime and explores the darker side of love and what people will do when sin invades their lives. Start the series FREE with Wrath!

Can you survive the deadliest sin?

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All I see is red.
It consumes me.
The moment he took her, wrath invaded my soul.
I only have one purpose. 
End him and take back what’s mine. 
Love isn’t always clean, and wrath is the deadliest sin.

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They took something from me.
Something that can never be replaced.
They destroyed something.
Something that can never be repaired.
Only one thing can appease the burning rage in my soul.
Unleashing my wrath on those responsible.
The Dragon will rise.
Death will reign.
Because wrath is the deadliest sin.

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I fled into the night and didn’t look back.
I grieved. 
I loved. 
Then he appears.
I never thought wrath would find me again.
But you can’t run from it.
Not when wrath is the deadliest sin.

His first mistake is taking her.
His second mistake is thinking

I won’t come for her.
Mine is letting wrath consume me

and believing I won’t have

to pay for my sins.


This three-book collection includes Wrath, After Wrath, and Surviving Wrath. Dive into the world of the Albanian mob in this dark mafia romantic suspense collection.

They say envy is green.
Not in my experience.
It’s choosing violence over your conscience.
It’s stabbing someone in the back to get ahead.
It’s being willing to spill the blood of those you love to get what you want.
So, no...envy isn’t green.
It’s blood fucking red.


Envy has led to this.
I saw it coming, knew it wasinevitable.
We all did.
No one wanted to stop it.
Now, blood flows like a river in Chicago.
And the streets are only going to get bloodier.
A war that’s been brewing between the families has begun.
The first shots have already been fired.
The only question is…who will survive it? 

It’s taken a lot to get here.
I’ve spilled blood—of my friends and my enemies.
Some might say the price to pay was too steep.
But that hasn’t stopped me.
The war for the city of Chicago still rages.
It will continue to, until everyone who stands in my way is six feet under.
Because envy endures.
And I will have it all.
No matter the cost.

Lust opened the door for me.
Now, I’ll build my empire on its back.
Because one thing I can always rely on is the weaknesses of my enemies.
Weakness of the flesh.
Of the soul.
Of the mind.
All I have to do is be the strongest…

and I’ll come out on top.
Where I belong.
The city of Chicago never saw me coming.
But now that I’ve arrived, I won’t back down for anything.
Or anyone.
Not even the man who stirs the very thing in me that I prey on in others.
I’ll bring them all to their knees, but I’ll never drop to mine.

Some things are inevitable.
The sun rising and setting.
The tide rolling in and out along the shoreline.
Succumbing to sin.
No matter how hard we fight it, sin always creeps into our lives.
Now, it’s staring me right in the face.
In this job, hard decisions are inevitable.
Ones that cost lives and eat away at souls.
But there’s no use fighting it.
Sometimes embracing what’s coming is the only way to survive.
Even if it’s the very thing, the very person you’ve fought against for so long.
Because the war I’m smack dab in the middle of isn’t going to just end.
And I need to fuel it if I want to win.

You would think I’ve learned my

lesson by now.
That I wouldn’t repeat the mistakes

of the past.
That I wouldn’t commit the same sins.
But the crazy thing about sin is, sometimes, it seizes you before you even see it coming.
It blinds you to reason and logic.
Makes you weak where you were once strong and powerful.
That makes you vulnerable.
Especially in Chicago during this growing war between the families.
Everywhere I turn, a new enemy

lurks in the shadows.
I’ve done my best to protect those I love.
To keep them from getting caught

in the crossfire.
It hasn’t been enough.
And the only way to remedy it is to take lethal action.

I’ve been living a lie for so long…
I don’t even recognize the truth anymore.
It’s been twenty years of blood and deception.
Decades of pain and living under a

veil of darkness.
It blinded me from the truth.
What was right in front of me.
The thing I tried to forget and keep buried.
But now, it’s rising to the surface.
It threatens to destroy more than just my plans for Chicago.
This may also decimate my pride.
And it just might cost me my life.

Fighting for my life isn’t anything new.
It feels like I’ve been dodging bullets for as long as I’ve been breathing.
Sometimes, they strike.
While I’m no stranger to blood and pain, things have gone too far now.
Choices have been made.
Lines have been crossed and new ones drawn
Ones no one could have anticipated.
Love was never meant to be part of the equation.
But now, it isn’t just me and my own pride I need to defend.
We all have targets on our backs.
And with friends becoming enemies…
There isn’t anyone left to trust in this city.
Soon, Chicago will burn.
I just hope I can survive the inferno.

This showdown has been a long time coming.
Facing my enemies means facing my own past and my own weaknesses.
But I’ve grown stronger.
I’ve learned from my failures.
And I won’t lose again.
Not when the stakes are so high.
Chicago isn’t big enough for all of us.
That much is clear.
No matter the history that runs deep between the families.
The fake truces they’ve established are crumbling around us.
Soon, nothing but a pile of rubble and ashes will remain.
I welcome it.
Because I will rise from the destruction stronger.
I will command and rule this city.

The only other option is death.