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When I enter the Hawkeye Club to confront the owner about my little sister stripping there, I never expect to fall for Savage Hawke. He's strong, confident, and he drives me crazy in the best and worst way possible. But both of us are keeping secrets, ones that could crush our relationship and threaten our lives.  The truth doesn't always set you free. Sometimes, it just royally screws you.

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The only thing worse than being held hostage by a tattooed pirate is

falling in love with him.

I knew War was trouble the moment he stepped on my ship, but this modern day terror on the water is so much more than he appears.

Dark and light.

Love and hate.

This storm may destroy us both...


Barrett Ascott is obnoxious, pretentious and infuriating.
He’s also my ex.
And my first everything—the man I ounce loved with all my heart.
But that was then. Before the drama. Before I had to walk out on him.
A train wreck of a scandal reunites us in the unlikeliest of places…
And now we’re supposed to bury the hatchet and work together to save a temperamental client’s a*s?!


I should've known I'd get caught counting cards, especially in a mob-owned casino. But I'm desperate. And desperate times call for desperate measures. Now I find myself in the basement beneath the casino with a bruise the size of Texas on my cheek and the promise that the head of the family, Kingston Romano, will be visiting me soon.


I have no intention of falling for the handsome, sexy, single-dad doctor, Gabriel Mills, my new employer. But even the best of intentions sometimes fail. He's dominant, intense, and he knows how to push all my buttons. But then, my secret unexpectedly endangers everything I've come to love, and I find out Gabriel's been holding a few secrets of his own.  

I'm not sure I'll survive, but I'll make sure his daughter does, even if it kills me. 


My life’s mission after joining the D.E.A has been to take down the entire drug trade in Chicago. Nothing has distracted me from it. Over the years, the line between the role I’d started out playing and the man I’ve become has blurred. The person I used to be no longer exists.
Until Gabriela. She belongs to the boss’ nephew. That doesn’t stop me from wanting her. Craving her. She threatens everything I’ve worked for. She also reminds me of the man I once was. Before the drugs and the killing. The one who tried to do the right thing. Until I lost my way.


My plan was to meet an investor at the upscale brothel and immediately return to Boston. That was until I uncovered Lily. I recognized her instantly, but she had no memory of me.

Now I only have one night to claim her and rescue her from her captors.


Embry has been dancing at Club Sapphire for three years. While there she stumbles into the world of the dangerous, Devon Kimber, a brutal pimp whose affection for the woman he fancies turns grave.

What happens when Embry leads naive Kenise into Club Sapphire and Devon likes what he sees? Will Kenise fall for Devon's charm and wit? Or will she see the monster beneath the mask?


Women were always in abundance.
Zoey is the only woman who can make the other women disappear.
One problem. She’s not looking for a man.
Zoey is sassy, hot and has curves that never stop.
One touch of those soft lips and I knew I had to claim every inch of her.
I have one night. I’ll prove to her that I’m the only man who can satisfy her.
She’ll be clutching the sheets and seeing stars when I’m done with her.
I don’t care about her dark past.
I’m her future.
Whoever caused this mocha beauty sadness will witness my wrath.

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