I need caulk.
Big, thick, heavy caulk to fill my holes and cracks...
In my tiny house.
Hell, I need more than that.
I need a contractor who knows what he’s doing since I’m totally F-ing clueless.
Why did I think I could build a tiny house alone?
And how do I find the stud I need to finish?
Well, it seems he’s found me…and not in the most flattering position.
But Keaton Hayes appears to meet all my needs.
He’s hung...up on ensuring things are done to his exacting standards.
He can lay pipe like a pro.
Not to mention, the work he does with his hands is masterful.
All that nailing, banging, and screwing...
Yeah, Keaton Hayes might be exactly what I need to secure the keys to my tiny kingdom.
He may also end up with the key to my heart.

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