A wendigo controlled by a curse. An insatiable mystery woman. One sexy, crazy ride. Greed. For the last 4,000 years, it’s been my curse. Every day, I live with the repercussions of the terrible choices I made. I thought I’d seen it all…then a black aura crosses my path. The beautiful woman it belongs to sends my world into a tailspin. She gets under my skin, hypnotizing me with her adventurous and risque nature. I almost forget I know nothing about her. Thinking with the wrong head can certainly get a man in trouble, but in this case, it could mean an end worse than my curse. ***Parched contains content for those 18 years and older only. It is crazy, over-the-top, and super steamy. If you don't enjoy steamy scenes, this book probably isn't for you. Skip to Cursed, book two, which is considerably tamer but still very steamy, and start there. These are stand-alones so you can pick up any of the books in any order. ***


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