A volatile pack feud. Enemies who are also fated mates. RomeThe sinister events on Montreux land can only have one cause…the Capshaws.Those sly, deceitful cougar shifters have taken things too far by targeting my pack. I’ll do anything to protect my family, even if it means taking them on.But when I see Jules Capshaw for the first time, all thoughts of revenge fly out the window.Who would have thought my greatest enemy would be the sexiest shifter I’ve ever seen…and my fated mate? JulesRome Montreux is up to something.When he trespasses onto Capshaw land in the middle of the night, I know it’s with wicked intent.Yet during his reappearance at my birthday party, it’s not hatred or mistrust brewing between us—it’s the lust of two mates.The fact he’s a panther and my sworn enemy doesn’t matter to my body. If we mate, all bets are off. But even worse, something evil is afoot in Verona Forest—a much bigger threat than the Capshaw/Montreux feud.Can we band together to face the real enemy, or will we let past hatred rule the present?

Fur Verona

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