Wrath EBook.jpg

All I see is red.
It consumes me.
The moment he took her, wrath

invaded my soul.
I only have one purpose. 
End him and take back what’s mine. 
Love isn’t always clean, and wrath is the deadliest sin.

her lovely lies.jpg

She is the flesh-and-blood savior who

lights up my soul.

Loving her is all that I am.

She's grace and beauty,

the source of my addiction.

I watch her every move,

consume each breath she takes.

I won't survive without her touch.

She's in my bed when I close my eyes

and there when I wake.

But my angely has been lying to me.


My father controlled me, dictating

my every move.

He almost made me believe I was weak. Almost.

So I left. Being in control of my

own life was safer.

Then I met him.

Brooks Moore is a champion MMA fighter and the one man determined to train

me to be indestructible.

I never planned to fall for him.

I didn’t think I was ready to trust another man, until the day he started to knock down my perfectly placed walls. 

Then my father reappeared

determined to break me.

To surviveI I must let go of my past.

the grange.jpg

Welcome to the Grange Complex

where your deepest desires

always come true.


Thee Unlimited Alphas.

Three gorgeous Scottish men

that will leave you breathless -

each one sexier than the other.

black queen.jpg

I was made for pulling the trigger of a stainless steel .357 Magnum. It’s cold and ruthless like me.
Mikayla Bryant is my next target.


My past was sordid and deadly.
All that matters was my promising future in the medical field.

Before I was taken by a beautiful devil, who was just deranged enough to believe me a princess.

blood lust.jpg

Love bites. Literally.

When two ancient vampires

lose the love of their

immortal lives,

they lose each other, too.

Everlasting vengeance follows them through the centuries.

Forgiveness can never come

when the wounds are so fresh,

yet it might soon cost

them all they hold dear.

she's mine.jpg

What kind of man sells his daughter?

Raven doesn't believe in monsters.

But when her father gives her

to a stranger to pay off a debt,

she knows the true face of evil.

Abducted. Imprisoned. Enslaved.

The man who took her makes her

blood boil and her body come alive...

He's getting under her skin,

making her submit to his will, and desire things she should never want.

However, if he thinks to own her,

he's in for a fight.

She may be a prisoner, but she

will be his undoing.

Raven will do whatever it takes to be free.

At least, that's the plan....


Holly has been kept 'safe', untouched, and segregated within a sex slave training center for 2 years.

But when she has to jump from

a burning building into the arms of the mysterious and handsome master

of the house, it's a catalyst

for big change.

Holly, no longer happy to be blissfully ignorant, starts to play with sexual fire.

How badly is she about to get burnt?

struck in love.jpg

One moment is all it took to ignite a love affair neither would soon forget.  
But Antonio has secrets -

secrets that could force them

to sever ties forever.

When the danger hits too close to home, he's forced to face his demons and

keep her safe from harm.

With more obstacles against them

than they can count,

will they ever have their happily-ever-after?

dark desires.jpg

She was one of twenty.

They all had things in common:

They were curvy.

They were all within

the "Cougars" age group.

They all had very dark desires.


He didn't intend to

partake with any of

these women during this

two-week Curvy Cougars

experiment, but one of them

has been very naughty,

and he's going

to take her in hand.

But there's one complication

that neither of them anticipates...

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