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The Meat Market Anthology

The Meat Market Anthology is a collaboration between ten amazing authors with all proceeds going to benefit prostate cancer awareness.  This anthology follows the men of The Meat Market, an escort service in Chicago as they find love in ten different ways.  It recently won Best Anthology in the Contry Reads Awards.   Check out what the Meat Market has to offer and help us end prostate cancer!
The Meat Market is no longer available for purchase in ebook form, however, limited supply of print versions are available through Gwyn's shop.
When Jason Somers inherited the family butcher shop, he had no idea he was taking the helm of a sinking ship. With the help of his younger brother Jaxson, a plan emerged to save The Meat Market.

What better way to earn some extra cash than to target one of their biggest customer group’s most basic needs. All they needed were some willing men and some clever marketing.

The Meat Market is now the go-to place to order prime cuts of meat, both for human consumption and companionship. The women of Chicago know where the best cuts can be found.

Come into The Meat Market and order whatever looks appetizing.
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