Artemis and Penelope are stranded at the tiny airport in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve, and they must face old secrets to have a second chance at love.


When temperatures drop and snowflakes fly, can love find a way to weather the storm for the ultimate Christmas miracle?


Unwrap some holiday passion!

Seeing her old boss Griffin Kelso’s name show up on her phone gives Delilah Johnston the shivers. His charming but self-centered ways are the #1 reason she left her job behind. Recently divorced, Delilah is starting a new chapter in her life—right after she enjoys a quiet Christmas. She’s flying solo and loving it.

Griffin Kelso has a vision to create an empire entirely on his own. His main goal? To escape the reach of his overbearing billionaire father. This includes ducking a dysfunctional family holiday and recruiting his former assistant to help him hone his plans. That woman could organize confetti in a windstorm.

On impulse, Delilah invites Christmas-hating Griffin over to re-introduce him to holiday cheer. Soon, what started off as just business turns personal. They unwrap their common histories and more. No mistletoe needed.


Lainey has a big Christmas surprise for her boyfriend, but before she can reveal her secret, she’ll first have to see her way past several unwelcome obstacles.

Andre, a busy Mayoral candidate, wants nothing more than to spend Christmas Eve with the woman he loves, but a freak snowstorm leaves him in a compromising position with his ex.

Between the blizzard, a mysterious photo, and growing suspensions that someone familiar may be sabotaging the couple, it’s all Lainey and Andre can do to keep their heads on straight and their hearts in the right place.

Can this couple overcome the obstacles in their way and find their way to a much deeper connection?


My name is Noel Winters.

I was born on Christmas Daty.

AND I just met a stunning woman named Holly Frost.

Is this for real?

There's only one minor problem...

...she's not a fan of the holiday season, hates decorations, and avoids listening to Christmas music.

Maybe a baking competition, one homemade yule log, and an extra dash of spice will change her mind.


One night of pure fun with the guys to get my mind off of her.

That’s all it was supposed to be.

So what happens when three single dudes hit the bar looking to pick up chicks?
A whole lot of shenanigans and a whole bunch of laughs!

Join Derek, Danny, and Gage as they party one night right around the holidays. Will Mr. Derek Mykels get lucky and score, or will the girls put him in his place?


My most important job as Santa is to rid the world of non-believers of all ages. But first, I have to make one of them my wife.

Crystal spent her entire life avoiding Christmas, and I have only two weeks to convince her otherwise. She is stubborn, but I am determined.

She will learn the magic of Christmas either on Santa’s lap, or over it.

The fate of Christmas depends on it.


Tabitha is a naughty Sub and the Masters of the Hard Limits Club in Seattle

have had enough.

When she's given an ultimatum to train under the renowned Sadist and psychiatrist, Master Rand or lose her membership at the club, she agrees to a trial run as his submissive at a BDSM-themed

Christmas party.

When Master Rand proves to be the first Dom who can successfully keep her on her toes and out of her head-—she's faced with a tough decision—accept his conditions to become his submissive for 30-Days over the Christmas Holiday, or lose her discount and membership to the Club. 

Tabitha is a successful attorney and strong woman—but has she met her match in the secretive Master Rand? 

Will the sexy and dominant Master Rand be able to help her fully submit? Or will Tabitha's past and fear of abandonment cause her to lose it all?


A chance meeting changes everything…
JJ is willing to accept her reclusive life as a freelance editor. As long as she's got her best friend and her Chris Hemsworth movie collection, she can cope. But this holiday season seems hell-bent on stirring up old grudges. Her ex got engaged less than four months after breaking her heart, and now JJ wants to show him what he’s missing. Even if that means enduring his ugly Christmas sweater party.
Liam never thought much about life outside his father’s investment firm, he was perfectly content with his solitary existence, until he meets JJ. The feisty brunette in the ugliest Christmas sweater he’s ever seen turns his life upside down with one captivating kiss. Then she disappears.
But their lives are intertwined more than either of them realize, and when the truth comes out, their seemingly perfect connection may not survive.


Scarlett Raines
I left my hometown when I was fresh out of high school looking for more. I was a country girl, but I'd gone off to New York City to pursue my dream in the television world. What I didn't expect were my feelings for Cole Walker to come rushing back the instant I heard his name. But who was I fooling? I'd be going back home after the holidays, and the thought of being with him was just a fantasy of mine, like it had always been.

Cole Walker
When Scarlett-Mae Raines left Willowview, Texas, I thought I'd lost my chance with her forever. She was now a city girl, and what would a cowboy like me have to offer her? The day my eyes locked with hers once more after years of her being gone, I knew I had to find a way to make her mine. I had one chance, one shot to give it my all, and this time, I wasn't going to let her walk away.


Since her husband’s death, Sally Levenson is trapped in a bland, colorless existence. She wants more, whatever ‘more’ might be. The night Sally decides to break away from her grief and venture out for a night at the ballet she meets a powerful and mesmerizing man. Derek is drawn to Sally and she to him. In a world of opulence and decadence, Derek wants everything from Sally: her body, her heart, her soul, her submission and more.  With Derek, Sally finds a reason to breathe again. While frightened and cautious, she must choose whether to pursue what's between them or walk away. Will Sally take a second chance on love?


Daisy Grace was pretty sure she had found the man of her dreams in Rett Hawkins. There was only one tiny problem. He lived clear on the other side of the country, and she hadn’t met him in person yet. Enter Rawhide Ranch, the dream destination for Littles around the world. Its safe, its neutral, and it’s filled with promise.
So what if Rett’s brother owns the Ranch? So what if the pictures she sent him were two years and twenty pounds ago?
Having a Daddy on Christmas trumped all of that.
Not to mention the fact that Rett dared her to show up, and Daisy never turned down a dare.


Thanks to my sister, I was now a contestant on a special Holiday Baking Competition.

Oh, and it was definitely going to be special...

The first day on the set and everything that could go wrong, went wrong.

Thankfully, Millie one of the other contestants on the show was not only a baker...she’s also a hot firefighter...


The adorable little shifter town of Perdition, Texas, turns into a winter wonderland every December.

Which is why minotaur shifter Mitch Wayne has carefully cultivated a Grinchy, grumpy persona for years, keeping carolers, charity solicitations, and holiday invitations at bay. He hated Christmas, and he hated how the town residents lost their ever loving minds this time of year. Every year, he hid in his log cabin mansion outside of town, safe from the merry making, and avoided going into town until after the New Year.

The only thing Mitch hated more than Christmas was having strange people in his space.

So why did he bring a woman stranded on the side of the road during a snowstorm back to his cabin? A woman with the absurd name of Petunia, who was too young, too cheerful, too Christmassy to be endured? A woman who interrupted his solitude with holiday cheer, set off his smoke detectors with her cooking, and fascinated his beast *and* his libido?

And why did he have just one thought when he looked at this annoying little woman:




He's a high profile CEO, she's a virgin... and his best friend's younger sister. He really shouldn't be fantasizing about unwrapping her under the Christmas tree.

It’s been almost a decade since Andrew Newton returned to the small town where he grew up. But he’s not missing his best friend, Mercy’s, wedding—it’s time to face his past, so he can move on with his future.

Susan Rice envies the exotic life her older sister Mercy has lived. She can’t even get up enough courage for ballet company try-outs.

Andrew promises Mercy he won’t corrupt her sister. But when Susan begs him for help overcoming her stage fright, he can’t say no. He doesn’t expect her to be trouble and temptation, wrapped in an innocent package.

Being home summons long-buried demons from Andrew’s past, and the more time he spends with Susan, the less he wants his darkness to touch her.

Susan’s going to need a Christmas miracle to show Andrew his scars don’t define him. But the only things Santa may be bringing this year are fresh wounds and broken hearts.

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